Simple Messaging Interfaces + Data Intelligence Tools = Clear ROI

We do the math for you

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$999/moUnlimited Messaging @ 1c/text
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Why should my business use texting?
Because your customers love texting! It’s the most preferred method of communication and our simple messaging tools make it easy to get started.
How does Oshen help my business?
We work with you month to month to optimize your texting campaigns, and apply intelligent analytics to give you a clear ROI.
How frequently can I send out text messages?
We do not limit the number of texts you can send. If your volume is exceeding 10,000 messages per day, then we set you up on a dedicated enterprise package.
How do I know my texts are reaching people?
SMS messages have a 99%+ open rate, 90% are opened within 3 minutes of sending. This gives you a guaranteed impression in real time.
What are the compliance issues with SMS for business?
Don’t buy lists of cell numbers from a 3rd party and spam them, and respect people who choose to unsubscribe(we remove them for you automatically). Follow these rules and your SMS strategy is compliant.
How do I build a contact list?
We’ll share list building strategies with you that have worked for our other customers. We can also import any phone contacts you’ve already collected in a spreadsheet.