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texting tools for business

The most efficient way to communicate

Every day, consumers are bombarded with an ocean of information. At Oshen, we provide simple conversational commerce tools to help you and your customers cut through the noise and exchange information more efficiently. Our Customer Success reps will show you how to spark one-to-one conversations that result in more foot traffic, more web traffic, and of course — more transactions. Schedule a product demo today and we’ll get you started for free!

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Most Valuable Impression

We coined the term MVI ‘Most Valuable Impression’ to describe the benefit of texting as a marketing channel. You can purchase millions of impressions on banner ads, social media promotions, and cold email lists, but the vast majority of them are worthless. Why settle for conversion rates less than 1%, when you can specifically target people who actually want your messages? When fishing for customers, texting is a better hook than email, browser cookies, or PPC ads.

Conversation is King

Every day you converse with customers online, on the phone, and face to face. Texting is the simplest way to continue that conversation, even after a customer has left your store, website, social pages, or live event. Our integration toolkit allows you to collect customer contact at the point of sale and automatically resume the conversation later via SMS.

Clear ROI Tracking

Our smart analytics tools make it simple to track conversation data, link clicks, and offer redemptions. You can clearly see your spend vs. results, and leverage the power of machine learning to segment contact lists intelligently. Our dedicated Customer Success reps work with you to make sure that our service helps you make money, and that your campaigns are optimized month over month.