Why Do You Need A Business Texting Platform?

Consumer behavior changes over time. Open rates decreasing year over year show that people are moving away from email, and spending more time in their messaging app. Business messaging campaigns have become more familiar and personalized, and it’s now been proven that targeted SMS campaigns can drive significantly more conversions than email or social media marketing. As a business owner or marketing manager, it’s essential to adapt your marketing strategy to account for this new behavioral trend.

Interested in SMS but not sure where to start? No worries! We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know when considering a business texting platform.

What is a Business Texting Platform?

Business messaging has come a long way and is now a vital part of the omnichannel marketing strategy for a wide variety of companies. SMS is simple, fast, effective, and creates an engaging user experience when it’s done right.

Several features usually come standard with any business texting software.  Mass text messages or text blasts sent one-to-many, are one of the main advantages of using an SMS platform. Beyond that, there’s 2 way live chat, automated keywords, and contact list management as standard features that should be simple to use out of the box, regardless of the texting toolkit you’re working on.

What separates Oshen from other SMS tools is our unrivaled feature set and exceptional customer service. From a product standpoint — we go well beyond the expected core functionality to provide the perfect messaging tool for your exact use case, in a simple interface that anyone can use. On the service side, our Customer Success team looks at your specific needs to craft a messaging strategy that includes automated messages and intelligent targeted campaigns. Going that extra mile to include personalized language and emojis makes a world of difference in SMS engagement, so we always recommend keeping your message content fun and friendly!

If your company is reevaluating current marketing tactics and looking for new ways to move the needle, consider a free trial with Oshen as the first step on your path to success with SMS.

Engagement Features

Business texting has 3 primary use cases, marketing campaigns, transactional messages, and customer service. Oshen helps you tackle all 3 without breaking a sweat.

Most marketing software tools are easy enough to navigate, but they don’t always set you up for success. Typically there’s a learning curve that can take significant time to work into your day to day operations. At Oshen, we keep it simple. Our business texting platform is an intuitive tool that’s delightful to use and takes just a few minutes to set up. We have unparalleled expertise in SMS campaigns and are well equipped to help our clients get the most out of their account with us.  Oshen aligns with your business goals to help move the needle on key metrics like sales conversions, appointments booked, CTR, refer a friend, and much more.

We understand that authentic engagement with customers is vital.  When a customer engages with your products or services, you only get one chance to make that first impression. They will become a repeat customer if they receive a quality experience that first time.  What better way to win them over than to create unique and personalized campaigns? Make them feel like your most valued client.

From auto-responder chatbots to personalized drip campaigns to custom integrations and metric tracking, Oshen has everything you need for a robust SMS strategy.

Track Your Data With Ease

Tracking certain key performance indicators (KPIs) is vital for any business strategy. Without tracking, your performance would not be accessible to analyze and optimize. At Oshen, we offer robust action tracking and ROI tracking to show you the precise results of each campaign. Looking at historical data and optimizing campaigns month to month allows us to deliver the message to the right person at the right time.

Our action tracking feature allows you to track specific user actions across campaigns, like total links clicked, replies sent, purchases made, etc. ROI tracking is also extremely important to determine the exact value your business gets from running SMS campaigns. Tracking KPIs such as CTR (click-through rate) and sales conversions helps to measure success so you can continuously optimize for better results.

Business Texting Platforms Achieve Higher Open Rates

Numbers don’t lie. SMS averages 10X higher open rates than email. When you replace or complement your email strategy with SMS, marketing performance will dramatically increase. Most businesses are familiar with email marketing and have some sort of newsletter or email strategy in place. As email open rates continue to decrease, will your company adapt?

Once you’ve decided that texting customers are worth trying out, what next? Time to choose your SMS partner. Some business texting platforms use a shortcode to text customers, which isn’t always the best route for success. Oshen uses local ten-digit phone numbers, with open and conversion rates consistently higher than shortcodes. Our company mantra is to “ drive conversions with a conversation” and we focus relentlessly on maintaining positive conversations with your audience. We remain the premier business texting platform on the market because we know what works and make it simple for our clients to implement.

Build, Monetize, Optimize

Whether you have tens of thousands of contacts already or you’re starting from scratch with just a few, Oshen is here to help. We set up simple automation on your website to constantly build and organize your contact database. Oshen can grow your mobile contact list on a daily basis. This allows you to cash in on your mobile following with high-performance SMS campaigns.

After building and monetizing your mobile contact lists, then the real work begins! Our team looks at your data month over month to make optimization decisions. We will move the needle in the right direction. We help determine which customers are more likely to convert again and segment them accordingly to maximize your conversion rates. If a campaign is underperforming, we can change the message content. We can also split test a new message with the same CTA. Some customers are much more engaged than others. So you’ll want to treat them differently while continuing to nurture the ones that need the extra time. Long story short, we are here to help get the most out of your mobile audience.