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The High Fives Foundation provides injury prevention awareness to action sports and resources to help athletes cope with life-altering injuries. Since 2009, they’ve aided in the recoveries of 201 athletes from 31 states across the country.

Together with Oshen, The High Fives Foundation launched a text message campaign targeted towards athletes to get them to share their annual Last High Five fundraiser with their social media following. 



The High Fives Foundation used… 

Hey! High Fives fundraiser, Last High Five of 2018 is launching Dec 1 and we need your help. Sign up is super quick. I hope you’ll get involved in this fundraiser!



  • $125,000 raised in 30 days

Using Oshen, the foundation was able to create a network effect by asking athletes to share the fundraiser with their social following. This allowed them to reach much further on social media than the foundation’s own accounts could cover, and added an additional layer of credibility and star power by having fans hear directly from their favorite athletes.


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