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Founded by native Italians in 1978, Marco’s Pizza is dedicated to serving up authentic Italian food. With 900 stores across 35 states and 4 countries, they’re considered one of the fastest growing pizza chains in the country.

Marco’s Pizza wanted to use the foot traffic generated from the grand opening of their Glendale, AZ location to generate future sales and marketing opportunities. Using Oshen, they signed up 133 new local subscribers by asking attendees to text in to enter to win free pizza for a year. 

The campaign was given an added boost after the winner was announced when the owner spontaneously decided to text an offer for free cinnamon sticks to all the contest entrants. This helped drive additional sales in the week following the grand opening.





Text blast



  • 1,330 new text subscribers
  • 65% cinnamon stick coupon redemption rate


Sending texts in real time to your audience, whether they’re at an event like a grand opening or at home, can make your marketing strategy more agile and your brand more competitive. Unlike email, a short text message doesn’t take long to write, and allows companies to respond to events and reach customers in a more timely manner than other channels.

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