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The Lupus Research Alliance is a non-profit organization focused on finding treatments and cures for lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects 5 million people worldwide. The Walk to Cure Lupus is an annual event hosted in cities across the country that raises money to help lead special research initiatives and provide support to people with the disease. 

The San Diego chapter initially used email to promote the upcoming walk to subscribers, but were disappointed with the tepid response and low registration numbers. Since meeting their fundraising goal was dependent on getting folks to turn out, they decided to work with Oshen to send a text reminder. The text message had a higher click through rate than email, which helped increase registration by 30-40% and raise $20,000 for lupus research. 

After the event, the nonprofit reengaged their list to distribute an important message about a new lupus research study.

The Lupus Research Alliance used Oshen’s TEXT BLAST + LIVE CHAT features to notify local LRA members about the event and talk them through questions about registration 


  • $20,000 raised
  • Increased event registration by 30-40% 


Text marketing was a critical part of making the Walk for Lupus a success. Even a single text message can help drive more signups for an event than email alone. 

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