AutoGeek, a car care company based in Florida, offers products and personalized advice to help customers keep their vehicles in top condition. By combining quality products with guides and in-person courses, car buffs and novices learn how to keep their cars, SUVs, and motorcycles looking good.  The owners of AutoGeek were looking for new ways to drive traffic and increase revenue during a flash sale. After getting lackluster results from email marketing, they engaged Oshen to craft a compelling text message with a sale announcement and coupon code. Curious if their text marketing campaign would convert better than email, the team conducted an A/B test to compare. With one text, AutoGeek achieved a 16.2% click-through rate – much higher than the numbers they achieved with email. 

Feature Highlight: AutoGeek used Oshen’s TEXT BLAST feature to 





  • 16.2% Click-through rate (CTR)

  • $4,403.21 in sales revenue on $29.10 spend

As retail continues to shift from in store to online, reaching customers in new ways is even more important. Consumer’s email inboxes are full of coupons from online retailers, which makes it difficult for brands to create a sense of urgency surrounding sales and other special offers. By putting your message in a less crowded environment, you can unlock more views and higher conversions.